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Eight Popular Comedians Participate in ‘Konsert Komedi’

Comedian given the freedom to shape their own episodes with singing and sketches

After Maharaja Lawak this season comes to a close, the noise and the laughter that echoes every Friday night will be revived with a new comedy entertainment variety program, 'Konsert Komedi'. 'Konsert Komedi' which shows the involvement of eight popular comedians will start tickling the audience starting May 12, 2017 at 10.00 pm on Astro Warna (channel 132) and Warna HD (channel 124).

Konsert Komedi will witness singing with a comedy sketch by either a solo or a group of comedians together with their invited celebrity guests for an hour long episode. ‘Konsert Komedi’ will run for eight episodes, where the program will go live for the first and second episodes, while the rest of the episodes will be recorded at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios.

What is special about this program is that comedians are given the freedom to shape their own singing performance and sketches which is staged by their own creativity. Each performance will be accompanied by a live band and renowned music director, Datuk Ramli MS.

Astro Malay Entertainment Chairman, Raqim Ahmad said, “We are pleased to introduce another comedy program to Astro Warna’s loyal audience.'Konsert Komedi' is a unique program with a line-up of popular comedians. In addition, the program format is also not bound thereby giving freedom to players to express their creativity.”

“They have given full trust to steer their own episodes. From the selection of celebrity invitation up until showmanship, they are free to make their own decisions as long as there is a shot of two main elements, namely singing and sketch in the episodes. As a result, each episode not only showcases something different, but the content of the program also features its own uniqueness.”

“Seeing viewers strong support to the programs on Astro Warna, we feel that it is time for us to do something as a token of appreciation. Thus, for the first time we will launch a new high-definition channel, which is Warna HD on channel 124 starting 11 May that allows viewers to enjoy programs on Astro Warna with a clearer view. With this advent, high-definition channel the audience will certainly experience a greater performance”. concluded Ahmad Raqim.

Eight of the comedians who will be participating in the program consist of Hans Isaac, Afdlin Shauki, Awie and are joined by groups namely Baik Punya Cilok, Shiro, Zero, Bocey, Nabil, Sepahtu, Dato’ AC Mizal and not forgetting the re-emergence of iconic comedy group which have been missed by their hard core fans, Scenario comprising of Wahid, Azlee, Saiful Apek, Yasin, Ilya and Hamdan. 

Each of them will also invite celebrities of their own to enliven each episode. Among the celebrities invited are Erra Fazira, Ella, Stacy, Siti Nordiana, Indah Ruhaila, Misha Omar and many more. Some of the names that have long been in the arts industry also supports this programme such as the group 4U2C, Datuk Zainal Abidin, Datuk Chef Wan and Ramlah Ram.

Catch the latest comedy entertainment program, ‘Konsert Komedi’ which will air every Friday from May 12, 2017 at 10.00pm on Astro Warna (132) and simultaneously on Warna HD (124). It can also be enjoyed through the Astro Go platform and Astro On Demand. Happy watching!


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