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Hari Raya Mini Series

BIG BIG miniseries and local blockbuster movies to draw eyeballs during Hari Raya

Ti Amore, Sweetheart, 100 Hari

Ti Amore, Sweetheart, 100 Hari is a drama about a husband who has wronged his wife and asked for 100 days to win her back and mend her broken heart. Filmed in Italy, this 5-episode series features Neelofa, Zul Arifin and Scha Alyahya and will air from 15 to 19 June at 7pm on Astro Ria (Channels 104 & 123).

Awak Suka Saya Tak? Raya Special

A married couple tries to balance life after a challenging incident caused the husband memory loss. Featuring Emma Maembong & Alvin Chong, this Raya Special will air from 20 to 24 June at 5pm only on Astro Ria (Channels 104 & 123).

Blockbuster Movies

Apart from miniseries, Astro will also be bringing a list of local blockbuster movies such as Abang Long Fadil 2, Kimchi Untuk Awak, Sindiket, Kau Yang Satu, Terobekraya, Minah Moto, Jibam and Pajeri Nenas which will entertain viewers when everyone gathers during Hari Raya open houses.

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